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At Red Stone Films, we believe in the power of story-telling. We produce visual content which is creative and compelling. It is a rich and rewarding experience.

We have the privilege of shaping and narrating stories of people connected with national and international organisations and corporations.

And, do people like the way we tell their stories? Well — they always keep coming back to us with more stories to weave!


What We Do


We create everything in-house — from concept to script and production to end product. We produce organizational films, promotional and marketing campaigns, product launch videos, audio-visual presentations, branding videos, music videos. Keeping in view the industry standards, we deliver high quality digital media. And, if you are for more creative content, we have plenty to offer in the form of short fiction, documentaries, and public service films for individuals, organizations and themes that are socially, politically and culturally relevant.


Graphics, special effects and animation are as potent tools of visual media as videos. Staying in sync with the advancements in the industry, we at Red Stone Films provide you premium graphic content. So, if your are looking for graphics in product advertisements and promos, in educational and organizational videos or effects in films, we offer all.


We also love to tell stories through a single frame. While travelling all around the country with a camera round the neck, it has become our second nature to capture people unawares. Yes, we know how to freeze a moment that speaks a thousand words.


Our Work


Who We Are

Aman Kaleem

Co- Founder & Managing Partner
Young India Fellow, 2012-13
MA-Mass Communication (Film Production), Jamia Millia Islamia

Aman cannot be separated from cinema. She often looks at her own life like a screenplay in revision. For Aman, stories have been her rescue, love, pain and fear. She believes that the most amazing stories are always the ones, which are created together with each retelling.

Mohammad Irfan Dar

Co- Founder & Managing Partner
Commonwealth Professional Fellow (Film Making), 2014
Young India Fellow, Founding Batch 2011-12

Irfan’s memories of his childhood are of him floating in the Dal Lake. Irfan found his medium of expression in theatre at a very early age. Stories have been his way to argue, admire, and change the world he lives in. Irfan is a poet who wanders with a camera on the streets to find his own voice.




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